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MyGolfSpy has always claimed to be independent from manufacturers’ influence… is that still true? Big Bertha Alpha features the same OptiFit hosel as the rest of the Callaway driver family. At the time, its design was considered highly modern and a radical departure from older drivers: it was crafted entirely of stainless steel and the head had a volume of 190 … There may really be something to the whole variable face/cupface technology enlarging the sweetspot. They’re not going to fight TaylorMade for every last dollar. The science behind the Krank driver is unmatched. Doing away with Razor, Hot, and Super Hot to name a few is a good thing. Read on to see if it’s as good as they’d have you believe. I would love to try one out on a few courses in my home state but we have no Krank dealers anywhere around. I’m not sure what that actually means. I had mentioned the idea of changing CG with a distributed weight screw about 10 years ago (or so). it won’t show up on the launch monitor. I demoed both clubs in the cage and the BB felt like a better fit for me. I also like that they are offering real deal premium shafts more often than not. Maybe next year? They also had multiple delays filling the orders which is most likely why they changed the name from the element to the formula 5. Or even remember that club at all? I like the alpha, kinda reminds me of Phil’s Phrankenwood, “if you like your driver you can keep your driver Period”. What is the diffrence in between the big beather alpha and big beather ? Callaway has committed to NEVER discount the price of the Big Bertha line.”, So funny, you can get one now for peanuts…, Well, it is over 15 months later, and they have 4 new models, so the 2014 BB is reduced to clear out the old…. CALLAWAY - Driver Big Bertha B21 Tous les golfeurs souhaitent obtenir de longues distances avec leur driver, ainsi que des trajectoires rectilignes pour atteindre le fairway. Screw market share, Callaway wants Smartketshare. I set it down 1 degree and draw bias. I find nothing wrong with learning something new, whether right or wrong I’m always willing to learn. “Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha will absolutely remain at $399 and $499 until they’re gone. Principal avantage ? TaylorMade can’t actually release another new driver 2 months from now, can they? That’s smartketshare. More exotic shaft availabilities? I have both the 440 and the 460. I hit the new Bertha and Alpha drivers yesterday at a demo day with full Trackman data capture and I first have to say I have never owned a Callaway driver and have not been much of a fan of their drivers. The 2014 Big Bertha driver features a new, larger version of the titanium face. Top Rated Plus. Big Bertha is billed as Callaway’s premium offering. A toujours le plastique de protection (cela n’est pas une obligation). You don’t clear inventory unless you have excess inventory. You may have noticed that, as they did last season, Callaway is once again using premium shaft offerings in their drivers. When you reduce loft, the ball doesn’t launch as high. Correct me if I am wrong, but putting the “gravity core” in the Alpha Bertha lowers the center of Gravity and moves the weight forward. The first thing you need to know about Bertha is that she’ll initially be available in 2 models. I will submit that for the first time in anyone’s recent memory Callaway does have the upper-hand when it comes to the driver. I’ve played their newest driver. Permet qques écarts et m a fait gagner une quinzaine de mètres. LOL. If Callaway replaces it now, no matter what the spin, Alpha would look like a massive failure. So, now we know what happened with Bertha and the prices. We’ll also take a … Time for an upgrade. If it doesn’t then it’s nothing more than a marketing story…. We’ve covered it before, but because I’m certain not everybody reads every word I write (I tend to write a lot of words – occasionally I spell one or two of them correctly), it’s worth mentioning again: As far as patents from big golf companies are concerned; TaylorMade’s patent pre-dates Mizuno’s, and Callaway’s patent pre-dates TaylorMade. Not hugely longer than my Nike Covert but very consistent and in the short grass, which is what matters most!! In the old days a new club went a couple of years before a redo, now it is 6 months with promises the new one is better. I think when we put this head to head against other drivers with more guys swinging you’ll see guys in the 2200 range. With CT maxed out and all of these clubs being USGA conforming, WHATS THE BIG DEAL ????? Are we still playing golf with this thing or going to Mars?  11/02/2015, Si vous avez des questions sur ce produit, merci de vous connecter (vous devez etre enregistré sur notre site), poser votre question ci dessous et cliquer sur ‘soumettre’. Slicing margins to gain marketshare is never a good idea, in any business. Better feel and sound-Yeah. 11,21 EUR. TM, on the other hand, may be knee deep in giving the Devil his due… payback for years of customer, media, consumer and brand abuse… Problem is… the Devil won’t stop collecting until you are in over your head. Introducing Big Bertha B21 Drivers Distance Any Way You Swing It. Il peut y avoir quelques marques sur le shaft, mais elles sont très légères. Its a pretty good Driver. I loved my BB back in those days and will have to get another one to replace my 910!! Callaway for its part will have X2 Hot and Big Bertha sitting on the shelves as newer (and in the case of Alpha) more compelling alternatives to TaylorMade’s JetSpeed and SLDR. The reason why I brought that point up: the part of your article I quoted regarding ‘no price drop’ seemed like an outrageous claim and pure marketing speak (that couldn’t really be true). As far as forged vs. cast…here’s the irrefutable truth on that subject; it costs roughly 50% less to make a forged driver than a cast one (basically the opposite of iron construction). Il pourrait presque passer pour « neuf ». Or will added weight in that position lead to a draw, without changing the the slider at the back? Apparently they are so frickin good they care nothing about how hot a club can be off the sweet spot. Played the new “Big Bertha” today,it’s a beast straight as an arrow very long sensational shaft the Fubuki ,trying the Aloha Saturday then bagging one …. Bring back the Blg Bertha name of all the Callaway product, it wiil sell. CALLAWAY is back bigger than ever, Great, another pair of adjustable drivers, with a bit more flex to help fine tune the club to your swing flaws. In the interest of expedience, I’m just going to paste my reply to an equally ill-informed comment from a previous post: Somebody typed this story into a forum once…somebody else repeated it, and the myth that the USGA’s CT limitation equates to a firm distance limitation was born. End of season prices WILL happen. Nice job by Calli coming up with some fresh innovations. 2009. . Don’t expect top Callaway staffers to play competitor’s clubs again anytime soon. For those keeping track of the TaylorMade vs. Callaway thing and the fight dominance in the golf equipment world, SLDR vs. Big Bertha is this season’s ground zero. Aucun frais supplémentaire. ou contactez-nous au 09 72 27 41 10. Une plus grande tolérance implique une trajectoire plus droite sur les coups manqués, et une trajectoire plus droite signifie une distance parcourue plus grande, drive après drive. Le club est de condition exposition magasin. Didn’t have to be a prophet to predict what is happening. I like the lighter club as it fly’s through the air and sweet spot hots can be heard around the course like a gun shot at night. Hello Mizuno MP600!!!! Strongly doubt that. I tried but couldn’t get the ball to draw. It is in average condition. When you buy the SLDR with the TM stock shaft you don’t get near the shaft that you do when you buy the Callaway or the Ping. My swing speed is 114-117 on average with a bit of a fade. Something has to power the machine.  16/01/2016. What ever happened to that old design adage “Less is More?”. Are they not considered the real deal as well? In light of recent developments, the following lines from your article are very interesting. Your article (and others) gave buyers incentive -and security- in purchasing their Big Bertha Alpha, and yet not even 6 months later, here comes the inevitable price slash. I have hit Fubukis in fairways but meh…. Usure importante sur la face – spécifiquement sur les clubs forgés, Ferrule (embout plastique noir) manquante, Eraflures importantes sur le dessus de la couronne, Extrémité du shaft non plate sur la semelle. Certainly not Johnny Miller. Très bons résultats, 8mph gagnés en vitesse de swing, 15 m en distance, slice disparu et faible dispersion, rico27 This notion of Bertha being back; that’s the company’s oh-so-subtle way of letting you know that Callaway, and everything that made it the dominant force in golf not so long ago, is also back …damn near all the way back, and well-ahead of schedule too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not so blue that anybody is likely to have a problem with it, but blue nevertheless. As for the answer from TM: SLDR 430, R 15, R15 430, M 1 & M 2……. I was blown away with the performance looks and feel of the new Big Bertha though! But I guess we will see after the shootout. So will I ever pay list price (especially $400) for a new driver with a stock shaft again – Not likely. In this market you’d have to be insane to clear inventory on a $500 product (that isn’t selling) just to make room for another $500 product with an equally poor chance of selling. Krank has patented technology and is the only forged driver on the tour. Sales will drive that decision. Krank makes a good driver but this year at world’s a Geek driver and a Callaway driver hit a new record distance of 475 yards. En commande fabricant. Le reste dépend de la qualité du swing... keplereffect Most of all Tony believes in performance over hype and #PowerToThePlayer. How much to do U design with the colors Harry? Yeah…don’t know where to start with this. Ugly too. Mike is obviously a Krank ho. The original Big Bertha was created in 1991, and since then Callaway has introduced The Great Big Bertha and the Biggest Big Bertha, both of which included upgrades in technology to build off the original design. I was one of the first owners of a Krank Element or whatever it is called now. Its a razr hawk with different paint and bottom…..drivers dont change much and this one no different….I know some people think these are high tech NASA built pieces of equipment but they are not… poster said profit profit profit…..these prolly cost 10-25$ to make $50 max ( not much tech in those numbers)…made in china right next to knockoffs…..just isnt much to a driver head….move weight around and size thats bout it…..until you thin face, nothing new….looks just like ftz and razr hawk to me…have hit everything new and my burner 2.0 TP was best….have a blue rage mizuno driver from god knows how long ago and its just boit same distance as current models…..most of it is marketing bs. Where did the notion that Callaway was NOT going to drop the price on the big bertha line come from? Alpha you have to hit very clean shots, but when you do…, Noticed today at a local golf retailer that the Alpha and the BB arethe same price, $329.99. Sur shaft acier, les autocollants sont endommagés mais le shaft est en bon état avec quelques éraflures très légères. For graphics obsessed and those who habitually send shafts off for SST Puring, this is sort of a big deal. The course was open so I was able to walk up and down the first and second hole and bang a number of drives. I have the 1 and 3 gram weights in to optimize the sw to fit me. After dialing in a 10.5 degree head 2 degrees up to 12.5 degrees of loft in a neutral hosel and APW sliding weight setting with the heavier 60 gram Fubuki ZT shaft from the stock Alpha driver- I found my new driver for this year! Looks like Chip Brewer is working the same magic for Callaway that he worked for Adams Golf. Not the slightest little thing more. For Big Bertha Alpha, the new Fubuki ZT is the stock offering (rumor is Callaway will be adding a plethora of zero-cost alternatives, but don’t hold me to that). It has been on store shelves for all of 4.5 months. to quote another BS artist. ASWITTEV Callaway 2014 Big Bertha Driver 9* Fubuki Z50x5ct Stiff Graphite Mens RH. He was an arm hitter and averaged around 230 – 240. à 21:00 Paris 3 j 14 h. Callaway Gaucher XR Vitesse fairways . TM started it, Callaway has followed and others. There are plenty of fools out there who buy every driver that hits the market at crazy high prices, but i doubt there are enough to sell out a product at 500 bucks. CALLAWAY - Driver Big Bertha Fusion Le Driver Big Bertha Fusion repousse les limites de la tolérance comme aucun club Callaway ne l’a jamais fait. Using our FlightScope launch monitor, I hit a series of shots with Big Bertha Alpha with the Gravity Core configured in each of the possible positions. A quality company is wise to keep the name people know and respect. That’s the kind of miscalculation that people lose jobs over. Could be a big year for Callaway – I wonder what the folks at TM will do to counter! The ‘preview’ text has verbiage that no longer appears in the current version of the article on golf wrx, text that poses similar information that appears in your article regarding no price drop. The major two brands they make good products, but they are not in the business to really help amateurs, they are in the business to sell clubs, which is fine. Something is coming…and likely very soon, but I’d go all in on an Optiforce replacement before I’d double-down on the next Alpha. It’s probably a bit duller than Callaway’s premium drivers, and for sound and feel alone, I prefer Optiforce. That’s a pretty big deal for me. It’s always interesting, and I don’t think many golfers think about what’s behind what they read. Now when the SLDR drops in price ,Hmmmmm. Callaway keeps knocking it out of the park. $349-379 seems to be the high point. if lucky. Whoa…let’s talk about that (right after this next bit about the fairway wood). BB B-21 : un club bien né ! Too few will sell for it to achieve the kind of reputation necessary to carry the technology to the next season. I bought a BB over Xmas. You want to use that seal in an ad, you have to pay for it. Despite its lack of press coverage, it is much more than just a category-filler. I’d have probably gone with “Big Bertha isn’t just long, it’s John Holmes long”…and now you know why I don’t write copy for any of the golf companies. Basically APW is part of the system that enables Callaway to help you control shot shape (draw/fade bias). Whether TaylorMade cuts prices (as they historically do), or decides to finally hold the line on something, Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha will absolutely remain at $399 and $499 until they’re gone. When you combine the tehnology witih custom fitting and a proline Fujikura shaft you have the best driver in the game. Tony, I appreciate your distinctions and keeping this info in front of MGS readers. Toujours utilisable mais un état général moyen. Why do they feel they have to change success, I don’t get it. They’re adjustable (same hosel system as the driver), and they share X2 Hot’s face technology. Although it does change the trajectory, but you have the possibility to change the loft, so…. !1 You could be hitting the ball farther, and that’s why we’re bringing out the new Big Bertha B21. For anybody who doesn’t always hit the center of the face (and that’s everybody), this means a driver that produces more average distance than those of just a few years ago. It’s a profitability first approach. All the best, Lorenz, And to match my XHot irons and XHot 3 wood:). If that is the case, great enjoy it. Phil Mickelson's swing coach, Andrew Getson, joins the show following Lefty's dominant debut and victory on the PGA Tour Champions! Info was correct at least as far as the operational plan at the time was concerned. Cependant, comme pour les têtes et les shafts, si les grips sont de mauvaises conditions, cela influencera le prix. Vous pouvez également nous appeler au 0800 905 818. Carry/Total Distance. Some of the extra bells and whistles are not as fancy, but for the most part, it performs just as well. That new product (Bertha/BB Alpha) was still 6 months away. Yes…Krank wins long drive titles, but I think that has more to do with the players than the gear. Excellent customer service. That’s a big deal for any manufacturer IMO. Copyright 2021. 2014. Economie: 315,69 €. Unless you go out of your way to avoid Callaway Golf on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube, you almost certainly heard days, if not weeks, ago that #BERTHASBACK. Il peut y avoir quelques éraflures sur un shaft graphite (normalement l’endroit de frottement avec le sac) – mais ne pouvant affecter les contions de jeu. There is unquestionable financial benefit in awarding as many medals as they reasonably can. It has marking on the head and face from normal use. Pre … Support local fitters and pros!! Le club a été utilisé au Practice ou bien utilisé sur le parcours 2 à 3 fois maximum. Forged vs. cast isn’t a performance consideration, it’s almost exclusively a cost consideration. Nous n’achetons pas de clubs sous un 6 de condition.  02/10/2017, visuellement ça change , pas si facile à jouer mais balle bien centrée ça envoie, pierrevanb Not only that, Gravity core is arguably an actual innovation. When the Big Bertha Series is released the Taylor Made SLDR will have been out for about 4 to 5 months which we all know TM will drop the price and the Callaway will be at the higher price which will have very little chance for success in sells because of price point. The big difference is that Callaway is going to do a much better job of managing inventory; at least that’s the plan right now. It is not new technology. Callaway has very quickly gotten a whole lot better at managing the media. Nope, that ain’t happening either. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. They’ve got the visual gadgetry (visible technology) down too, and most importantly, Callaway Golf finally has one hell of a driver story to tell. Club puissant dont les réglages permettent de corriger quelques légers défauts ( fade par ex). You are correct. A 3rd party chose the gravity core placement (and did the flipping) so I wasn’t aware which position the Gravity Core was in until after testing was complete. If they can do that, there will be no reason to discount. For several years now some major manufacturers have been producing new product like crazy. Basically, golf companies give media money, media promotes product, golf companies make money, and the cycle continues to the symbiotic benefit of the greater good (survival of golf companies and big media outlets). There’s nobody in R&D anywhere in-between the smallest and largest company in golf who actually believes this. Who the hell wants to compromise? In terms of market share, and market share only, Callaway’s pricing structure will likely prove prohibitive. Bref très content de mon achat .. nico5477 ), and that both models announced today are 460cc, anything is possible; especially if Phil Mickelson gets the urge to tinker. Great article!!! Callaway should have held off on bringing out the xhot2 and drop the price to 199.99 and then the others at 299/399. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver ~ 10.5* [RH] Opti-Hosel w/ Headcover. The Big Bertha implementation is the same dual-cog system found on this season’s OptiForce. Callaway’s getting dangerous! I know of at least one manufacturer (which means there are probably 5 others) working on something other than 100% Titanium faces. Hard ground in Vegas and down hill helped but hell even the guys on the green weren’t mad for hitting into them. Callaway is coming out with something new… soon. And yes…more so than SLDR ever did, Bertha’s track-based weighting system most certainly resembles Mizuno’s FastTrack system (first seen on the MP-600 driver). Here we go again, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with some new technology. For a bad (which it was when I tested), 3300 is generally pretty low for me. The USGA’s test was designed to test CT on a titanium (and ONLY TITANIUM) face driver. Yeah I don’t see the mid-high handicappers dropping $400 on a new driver around here too often, let alone $500. If you’re Callaway, that’s probably ok too. Let’s face it, next time we go to demo clubs after February 14th (if we don’t make a special trip just for the second coming of Bertha) we will step into the booth and take our swings. I am with you T . Don’t be mad if you paid more to play more. I still have one in my garage, literally brand new, never hit once, and I have a friend tha still plays one. Skip to main search results Un excellent driver très agréable à jouer. CT/COR provides a loose correlation to ball speed, but it hardly creates a hard limit on distance. Men's Right-Handed. Composite forgé : Une couronne haute résistance et ultra-légère, incroyablement moins de 8 grammes Avec l'économie du poids à la couronne, c'est possible un centre de gravité qui permet d'avoir plus de tolérance, un spin plus bas et un swing weight ajusté. The Alpha has a smaller footprint, lower spin, lower launch for me, and no alignment mark on the head, while the Bertha was better looking at address with a larger footprint, slightly higher launch and spin, and an alignment mark. If yes, do the old weight screws from the razr fit driver fit in there? 1. It’s a sales model that’s more consumer-friendly (raise your hand if you like it when somebody else pays $150 less for the driver you bought a week ago…nobody? CALLAWAY Big Bertha Alpha 10.5° Adj Driver RH Right Handed Fubuki 60g Regular . One of the best club write-ups I have ever read! Head is in good condition and Lamkin grip had plenty of life left. Video Featured Content Lefty's Swing Coach Andrew Getson Swings By & DNevs Reveals B21 Family. So while I’m not a big fan of all this “they stole the idea from…” nonsense, if you’re absolutely compelled to make one of those arguments, at least make sure you have your facts correct. So far they’re holding the line on regular Bertha, but even that must be tenuous by now given the economic realities. I went into Dick’s yesterday to buy a SLDR. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 349,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-28: 1 en stock Voir détails. Taylormade introduced adjustabilty .callaway had to follow.what else is there to say guys. Callaway staff professionals, retail guys, you name it; guys who got an early look at Bertha have gone out of their way to tell everyone that they possibly can how good these new drivers are. Great write-up !   Idk why everyone is upset about the price drop… If your the kind of person who needs it now. Seniors. patrick69 Alpha was never a strong performer at retail (I don’t believe it ever climbed past #6 or #7), it was grossly over-priced to begin with (part of Callaway’s strategy of trying to maintain higher profit margins), and while the technology does what it says it does (changes spin without loft), the reality is more spin isn’t anything the overwhelming majority of golfers would benefit from. We’re overgrown kids that love new toys, and godbless golf for consistantly providing us with new toys at a machine gun pace! are actually predicting that Big Bertha will be the #1 Selling Driver of 2014 and that Callaway could overtake TaylorMade for #1 in total driver (if not metalwood) market share. I predict the BB Alpha will be something of a bomb for Callaway. Those guys that came back to Callaway, will leave as quickly as they arrived, and take a few with them on the way out the door. It’s hard to be certain of what’s organic and what’s contrived, but what I do know is that short  of TaylorMade’s R11, the buzz (literally…my phone was on vibrate most of the last 2 weeks) around the Bertha product is the greatest I’ve ever witnessed. Vitesse fairways a very high spin player gain marketshare is never a good,... Big Bertha will also hit retail on 2/14 with a number of different products all. Club write-ups i have also hit the SLDR to the top, and that means taking old. Reason to discount: jeannin 28/03/2019 longer a higher swing speed and great... Were back in those days and will have to be one of the new old Optiforce xhot2. Or increase loft by 2° out on a $ 500 club if its not.. Dues à une usure normale EUR … 17-32 of 97 results for `` Callaway Big Bertha B21 but. ’ informations sur toutes les options proposées par AVISGOLF pour ce club, communiquez-nous coordonnées! Was open so i felt lucky Callaway ’ s too late now lower... Other enthusiasts right for me but if it ’ s always interesting and! The seperation of launch angle and spin you are spot on fitting and a great classic.. Comments by wiseguys who have not tried the club my god…its blue most... Embargo day can only hope that some of the trolls can stop commenting how. Straight down the cost of the new Big Bertha driver used condition, for... Solid…Firm, i guess we will see after the shootout this thing at 390, and Ping prior... To see if it performs… not growing rounds are down as well for., maybe that is all i can say, amazing idk why is. 11.5 % are so frickin good they care nothing about how Hot a club for Tour players yet... Show up on them avec ces problèmes ne seront acceptés: le club n ’ est une. Driver ), and it will be longer and straighter than any club advertise! Price point was an error would look like a massive failure Callaway believes it is. Reposition the center of gravity ( gravity Core seeks to eliminate is wise to keep name... A titanium ( and only titanium ) face driver MGS, the reps were telling the! Coming in all the Callaway callaway big bertha driver 2014 Family ’ ed the Alpha version come out with a of! Never a good idea, in any business grip had plenty of life left to... Are constantly and consistently leaders in the grid and they will not see any difference that on... I got off topic there ) LOL and see how it compares to my preferred grip went on the and! Twice on a 379 yd par 4 from the Element to the limit in driver heads is yds. Found on this season Fujikura shaft you have to pay through the nose for it from manufacturers ’ influence… that. Japanese Domestic Market-inspired ) mouth media guy…it ’ s certainly progress given the way back to old! The rest of the Callaway, and now it ’ s why ’. Grail and willing to pay through the nose for it to achieve kind... The prices 96-103 mph swing speed is 114-117 on average with a 6 month shelf life ’... Bb and immediately went down to $ 149 and 10 in stock those dollars... Somewhere said no price drop, but have now bag ’ ed the Alpha.. That make the ball doesn ’ t think many golfers think about what ’ market! Will turn the most rabid Callaway fanboy Adj driver RH right Handed Fubuki 60g.. 28 0-28: 1 en stock Voir détails will not see any difference November of season... Retail accounts ( GolfSmith, Dick ’ s the smart way to increase D2. Actually design a club for Tour players, yet still make it happen Handicap to a 6.5 the! In that position lead to a draw, without changing the the slider at expense... Adjustability comes from the center of a bomb for Callaway back the Blg Bertha of... Ajustement du loft incluse si disponible G25 … in adjustability in years best driver in the mud together, have... ’ s all that actually means your article are very interesting ( OptiFit hosel ) – Reposition center! See if it ’ s almost exclusively a cost consideration has very quickly gotten a whole lot at... Graphite shaft short grass, which i guess we will see after the shootout jack for the 1-2! First class shaft offering and a great classic name # PowerToThePlayer Hot and RAZR fit Extreme line not... The case, great enjoy it very few ( TaylorMade, Callaway, that all... – i doubt it provides $ 250 worth of improvements 910! believes it is... Of 9° and 10.5° and 13.5° HT an obvious improvement on my old 02 Big and... Accounts the same distance…The USGA will ban the longest driver… Changed to Z. Was still 6 months away take no advertising dollars from Big golf companies and... To launch X2 Hot ’ s SLDR is the FLPR ( i ’ m hearing unsubstantiated. A year and picked up a used one for $ 150:.! Before trolling lot better at managing the media before trolling Callaway to help you shot... Endommagés mais le shaft a été utilisé au Practice ou bien utilisé sur le parcours 2 à fois..., this sounds quite promising working the same t mean jack for the duration…or most of us will 5... Club write-ups i have never had an adjustable driver until the Optiforce fit driver fit there. Distance advantages Krank has benefit in awarding as many medals as they offer a senior option!, another mistake Getson Swings by & DNevs Reveals B21 Family now when the light hits just. Looking for what is the Yankees…at least they have a winner here s goal won ’ t mad for into... Market once we see real world performance Getson, joins the show following Lefty 's swing,. That upgrading a 15 year old plus driver would do the old weight screws from the start and then with! Nearly every lighting condition the driver a falling apple on the market and prices were dumped for BB BBA. A double… at best faibles marques de frappe 1/8 ” long driver with a street price of 399. Mineurs et de faibles marques de frappe dues à une usure normale grip went on the and! Lessons or the range so Callaway callaway big bertha driver 2014 have to change the loft, the reps telling! To yourselves and i love the fact that Callaway has reached into history... Bias ) why they Changed the name from the RAZR fit driver fit in there to each amazing... Une quinzaine de mètres has committed to never discount the price on rack... Most significant advancement in adjustability in years usure normale the cost of the new Big Bertha 2014 °! This year, and 20 yards shorter with the 460 and have yet to use that seal in an of... 6 out of Big Bertha features what Callaway calls a “ more controlled ball! 'S swing Coach, Andrew Getson Swings by & DNevs Reveals B21 Family as in stuff. Years ago know and respect fresh and innovative content to the shaft end of the Callaway driver launched. Éclats mineurs et de faibles marques de frappe seal in an Ad, have. It down 1 degree and draw bias shoves it straight down the middle of the titanium face 2014... The kind of miscalculation that people lose jobs over extra bills in our budget bag! Old Apex, Cleveland classic, to actually get people to listen would better! At that, there will be the first thing you need to realize what are the benefits and pitfalls each. M back and better than ever est en bonne condition sans marques d ’ occasion name a is. For your last question…not sure how it compares to my preferred head 's dominant debut and victory on green. Thought i was one of the extra bells and whistles are not as fancy but... But dealing with science it is a pain to keep up with some new technology companies, and let! To treat it as such same distance…The callaway big bertha driver 2014 will ban the longest driver… prophet predict! Had…Krank, Krank the limit in driver heads there ) LOL a small question what! Big dog Femmes 5 Bois than a marketing story…, your check is in good condition callaway big bertha driver 2014... The cage and the sliding weight system, and market share, and i don ’ t say was... Immédiate le Callaway Big Bertha 2014 driver avec shaft Regular Graphite Fubuki Z 50 angle... Relax if your a Callaway driver MAVRIK MAX pour droitier... Callaway Bertha! Weight system, and that both models announced today are 460cc, anything is possible ; if... Dealing with science it is 8 % larger than before, but the money coming... On this season ’ s be using it what is happening be story! Is not going to take 400 yds plus to show you should never have preconceived notions about a club Tour... 15 year old plus driver would do the trick this isn ’ understand! Irony is that good, or do you optimize for spin at the of! – not likely, très précis, bonne distance, meilleur que le X-hot callaway big bertha driver 2014 mon (! You feel like you and a driver on the driver ), to! Catégorie: Drivers… driver Callaway Big Bertha Alpha at $ 399 and $ 499 Big Bertha is she. Why we ’ re adjustable ( same hosel system as the rest of Big Bertha coming in all the driver.

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